Snake Park, Malampuzha

Timings: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fees:
Rs. 10 per adult
Rs. 5 per child (below 12 years)

Camera: Allowed (free)

Malampuzha Snake Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is maintained by the Kerala Forest Department, Palakkad. Various poisonous and non-poisonous reptiles are exhibited in the Snake Park, but with utmost care of them. Apart from snakes, there are tortoises and a crocodile exhibited here. The main crowd-puller in this park are the two King Cobras that are kept in two Air-conditioned rooms. There are instructions board available (though full of spelling mistakes), which shows what to do in case of a Snake bite, and the lifestyles of snakes. There is a small stall inside the Snake Park, named "Pugmark Green Shop", run by the Forest Development Agency, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Natural honey, Cocoa, Coffee, Sandalwood Oil, Jute bags and various Bamboo products are available for sale in this stall. These products are manufactured by the tribals people living in the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Kerala.

Snake Park is located just outside the main entrance of Malampuzha Garden. (Turn left after coming out of Malampuzha Garden). Currently, the following snakes are kept in individual glass cages in the Snake Park:

  • King Cobra (രാജവെമ്പാല)
  • White Cobra (വെള്ളമൂര്‍ഖന്‍)
  • Cobra (മൂര്‍ഖന്‍)
  • Forsten Cat Snake (വള്ളിച്ചുരുട്ട)
  • Rat Snake (കരിംചേര)
  • Spectacled Cobra (പുല്ലാനി മൂര്‍ഖന്‍)
  • Banded Kukri (മൂവരയന്‍ ചുരുട്ട)
  • Ceylancat (ചുരുട്ട)
  • Trinket Snake (കാട്ട് പാമ്പ്)
  • Dog-faced Water Snake (ആറ്റുവാഴിപ്പാമ്പ്)
  • Common Krait (വെള്ളിക്കെട്ടന്‍ / ശംഖുവരയന്‍)
  • Black Cobra (കരിമൂര്‍ഖന്‍)
  • Vine Snake (പച്ചോലപ്പാമ്പ്)
  • Russells Viper (ആണലി / ചേനത്തണ്ടന്‍)
  • Rat Snake (മഞ്ഞച്ചേര)
  • Indian Rock Python (മലമ്പാമ്പ്)
  • Spring Cat Snake (പൂച്ചക്കണ്ണന്‍ പാമ്പ്)
  • Golden Tree Snake (നാഗത്താന്‍ പാമ്പ്)
  • Wolf Snake (ഓലച്ചുരുട്ട / വെള്ളിവരയന്‍)
  • Bronzeback Tree Snake (വില്ലൂന്നി)

Apart from these snakes, three pythons are left free in a large wired cage with a tree. Pythons are found resting on the tree branches. There are plenty of non-venomous snakes left free in a small but wide well. There is a crocodile and a few tortoises. Two King Cobras (one male and one female) are kept in air-conditioned rooms. The male King Cobra was captured from South Malampuzha on May 15th, 2010 and the female King Cobra from Kava Ashramam on July 18th, 2006.

Photos of Snake Park, Malampuzha